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Krema Coffee House

Krema Coffee Club Subscription

Krema Coffee Club Subscription

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Try a new hand-selected, craft roast coffee on the 1st of every month with the Krema Coffee Club for $20/month plus shipping, or free pickup at Krema! 

Our roasters sample multiple coffees each month to bring you a unique coffee experience that is only offered to our Krema Coffee Club members. In addition to the bag of coffee, you'll get an emailed write-up with information about the growers, region, other interesting aspects of the coffee, and our thoughts on it.

There is also monthly exclusive Krema Coffee Club discounts such as free drip coffee on certain days, rotating discounts on food and drink, exclusive early bird access to limited releases, and other exclusive offers.

We will also be hosting after hours sit downs twice a year for all Krema Coffee Club members to meet each other, talk coffee with the roasters, and sample some unique coffees in our stash.

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