Legend Wall

Our legends wall is a representation of individuals in the world who made a difference. People who wanted better for others. People who fought for inclusivity, were selfless, trailblazers, innovators, and human rights activists. People wanting the betterment for humanity without reservation. Quite simply, kindness for all. It starts here. Better together.

About the Artist: Arol McFadden

Arol McFadden’s love for art started at a very young age as he would fill time in classrooms and church services doodling on whatever he could get his hands on (usually instead of paying attention).  Growing up in Southern California, Arol developed an appreciation for art that ranged from masters like Van Gogh to graffiti artists bringing color and shape to concrete overpasses.  He sees art as a beautiful metaphor for life where the creator brings vibrancy and life out of formless and bland subject matter.  Arol is inspired by a variety of sources in everyday life: the beauty of a passing vandalized train, a climbing expedition in the Rockies, or in the faces of people occupying a full coffee house.  His primary mediums are acrylic, spray paint, and pastel.  He also creates digital art on labels, t-shirts, and promotional marketing.  When he isn’t creating art he is spending time with his family and pastoring a local church.