Fundraising FAQs

An overview of the fundraising process is as follows: we create a co-branded bag of coffee specific to your organization's logo and color scheme, sell them on our website, and every bag sold will raise $5 for your organization! We create a QR code and other marketing materials that kids, parents, and the organization can bring to family and friends to drive fundraising!

How much does your organization make per bag?

  • $5 for every bag sold

How do customers place orders?

  • We give you a QR code that directly links your fundraising coffees to our website where customers can order for pickup or have it shipped.

How/Where do customers pick up their coffee?

  • The fundraising organization will decide when and where pickup will take place. Krema will fulfill the order for the fundraising organization to pick up & distribute on a decided day.
  • We will create a spreadsheet of customer orders to be picked up.
  • We will ship out any orders that choose the shipping option.

What is the timeline for fundraising?

Initial design phase: 1 week

  • We will assist with a custom design and name for your coffee bags. We will need a logo, desired color scheme, and roast name i.e “Roaring Wildcats Roast”
  • W9/501(3)c to be filled out and turned in

Implementation phase: 1 week

  • We will have our graphic design team create mockups/prints of the coffee bag labels, photograph the bags, put them on our website, and create custom QR codes that can be used for marketing. 
  • Determine pickup date & location
  • Finalize Fundraising timeframe

Live Phase: up to 2 months

  • Bags are live on our website under the fundraising tab for the determined amount of time
  • Krema creates a post on social media tagging the organization announcing the fundraiser
  • Any additional marketing is up to the organization

Distribution Phase: On determined pickup date

  • All coffee will be ready for pickup at Krema
  • Check will be distributed to organization based off of sales.

What coffee is offered?

  • Brazil: Notes of: Cocoa, Raisin, Strawberry, Tobacco; Mild Acidity, Bold Body (Bold Roast)
  • Guatemala: Notes of: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Red Apple, Raisin; Mild Acidity, Light/Medium Body (Medium Roast)
  • Decaf: Notes of: Cherry, Citrus, Caramel, Cane Sugar; Medium Acidity & Body