About Us

Our Story

Started in 2017, our first location is right in the heart of downtown Plainfield, IL where we are serving unique drink and food options each day.  Our shop builds on our company focus of community where we provide a gathering space that is inviting, and provides opportunities for collaboration and shared positive energy and experiences.  From our employees to our customers, our shop is a reflection of our love for what we do. In 2022, we have expanded Krema Coffee to 917 S State St, Lockport, IL.

Our Coffee

Krema Coffee is a premium roasting company offering high-quality, small batch coffee from select locations around the world.  Our years of experience roasting from sources in Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia and other locations around the globe ensures the consistency of our product each time it is brewed and enjoyed by our community of drinkers who are enthusiastic about our commitment to quality and consistency.

Our Baked Goods

Baked goods in our shop are produced on-site.  Using only the freshest ingredients, our bakers combine new and interesting ideas with traditional coffee shop favorites to deliver an experience that is 100% unique.  From fresh baked breads to regional favorites, cake pops, scones, irresistible kolackys and more, Krema delivers food experiences that have our customers returning again and again to see what we have in store next.